Electric Motors

For Eaves

Item Stock No. Description
  1 1001513





Motor V6-15/13-c = 473mm
(560.M.N1.00)cat p-6

Motor V6-27/13-c = 533mm
(560.M.N2.00) cat p-6

Motor V6-35/13-c = 583mm
(560.M.N3.00) cat p-6

Motor V6-45/13-c = 583mm
(560.M.N4.00) cat p-6

(includes plug in cable as shown)


  2 15547 Octagonal steel roll adapter Ø60
(580.C.01.90) cat p-12


  3 15554 Round steel/alum roll adapter Ø50
(580.B.01.90) cat p-12


  4 15549 Square 10mm male insert includes
clip and screws
(581.N.20.20) cat p-14


  5 15550 Support bracket with square 10mm hole
(581.S.F0.20) cat p-17


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